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Autism Services

The Golden Triangle Autism Center provides interventions using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques to support the needs of individuals with autism, developmental delays, learning difficulties, and challenging behaviors within a variety of settings (e.g., home, school, clinic, etc.) ABA procedures have been demonstrated (through applied research) to be effective in helping individuals learn new skills in an enjoyable way. Problem behaviors are assessed and systematically remediated through effective intervention plans, which look at the function(s) of the target behavior. 

The following is a list of services that we provide:

·         Skills Assessments (VB-MAPP/ABLLS-R)

·         Individualized Treatment Plans

·         Data Collection

·         Parent Training

·         Discrete Trial Instruction

·         Teacher Training

·         Problem Behavior Reduction

·         Play/Social Skills Training

·         Incidental Teaching

·         One-On-One

·         In-school Support / IEP Development

·         Functional Behavior Assessments

·         Positive Behavior Interventions

·         Functional Communication Training

Individual Services: GTAC provides personalized one-on-one sessions (RBT or BCaBA and client) that focus on teaching educational, social, communicational, behavioral, and self-help skills. A variety of ABA teaching methods are used to decrease deficits such as discrete trial instruction, shaping, chaining, prompts, imitation training, reinforcement, motivation, etc.


 A skills-based assessment is conducted prior to these services to determine the individual’s current skill level (i.e., which skills to target).

The target skills include but are not limited to:

  • Educational: reading, writing, math, spelling, fine motor, imitational skills, visual performance (matching, patterns, etc.), etc.

  •  Social: social interactions (appropriate play skills, back and forth conversation, etc.), classroom routines, etc.

  • Communicational: verbal exchanges, receptive language, expressive language

  • Behavioral: self-injurious behavior, aggressive behavior towards others, mild behaviors, etc.

  • Self-help: dressing, toileting, eating, grooming


Teacher Training: GTAC provides training to teachers in the Golden Triangle area using evidence-based methods so they can be better equipped to educate students with autism and other developmental disabilities (e.g., data collection, discrete trial instruction, how to break down difficult skills into smaller, simpler skills, etc.). Training does not provide the use of restraints, holds, or physical discipline. 

Parent Training: Like any intervention, carryover of ABA therapy techniques into the home is a vital part of success. GTAC wants to ensure that parents know and understand the ABA therapy goals, behavior plans, and strategies used in the clinic setting so that parents could continue to provide therapy at home with confidence.


Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA): An FBA assessment typically involves documenting the antecedent (what comes before the behavior), the behavior, and the consequence (what happens after the behavior) over a series of observations. An FBA also evaluates how a child's diagnosis may affect their behavior. Further, it may involve manipulating the environment to see if a behavior can be avoided.  


In-school support / IEP Development: GTAC works one on one with the students and/or the teachers depending on the student’s needs to facilitate success in a regular education classroom. GTAC collaborates with parents, teachers and/or other school staff in the development of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) which consists of measurable goals based on skills that the child is not currently demonstrating at the appropriate level. Skills are broken down into smaller, teachable parts that can be applied in the classroom setting by teachers or during one-on-one sessions with the appropriate professional (ex. Speech Language Pathologist, Behavior Technician, etc.) during the school day.


Each instructor of the Golden Triangle Autism Center has completed intensive training and has experience providing services to individuals with autism, developmental delays, learning difficulties, and behavioral challenges. In addition, each instructor holds a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credential and is supervised by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who oversees all cases.

The BCBA is in constant contact with each child’s therapy team and is always aware of what is happening in your child’s sessions. The RBT(s) for each child serves as a liaison between parents and the BCBA so that when the BCBA is not directly observing your child, she is able analyze your child’s data and adjust programs if needed. The BCBA also conducts research on the most up-to-date behavior analytic practices and programs so that your child receives the most relevant and effective interventions. If there are questions or concerns, the BCBA can always be reached via email or phone. GTAC is committed to the success of each child we serve and wants our families to have the upmost confidence in our abilities.

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